Deformation and Transformation of Rocks


The fabric of geomaterials includes their structural, chemical and crystallographic properties, which strongly affect the material's mechanical behaviour. The fabric can be analysed on all scales with various techniques including electron microscopy, polarized light microscopy and field work. In comparison to the results from laboratory and numerical experiments the conditions during fabric development and information about the material's history can be obtained.

Research as well as teaching in the field of Deformation and Transformation of Rocks concentrate on these aspects for metamorphic, magmatic and fault rocks. We are interested in understanding how the Earth's lithosphere deforms on all temporal and spatial scales using the rock’s deformation record. We are especially focusing on episodic deformation and the interplay between deformation and mineral reactions as well as the influence of this interplay on the rates of the various processes.

Our current research interests include:

Shear zone geology

Episodic deformation and mineral reactions below hypocentral depths and the implications on the rheology of the lithosphere

Subduction zone processes

Deformation and mineral reactions in subduction zones and the implications on the burial and exhumation processes

Impact geology

Shock effects and how do rocks and minerals react on extreme loading rates

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