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Bachelor degree

  • BSc Geosciences

    Fundamentals in the full range of geological disciplines and relevant sciences are followed up by in-depth training in subjects of choice.
    Currently two weblinks exist for the Bachelor (TUM & LMU).
    Contact: Dipl.Geophys. Jana Oeser, Study-Coordinator LMU.

Masters degree

  • MSc in Geology

    Specialization in geology, economic geology, hydro- & environmental geology, paleontology.
  • MSc in Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology

    Applied geology in e.g. tunnel & general construction or securing drink-water.
  • MSc in Geomaterials & Geochemistry

    Specialization in material sciences and e.g. volcanology and isotope chemistry.

    Focus on space engineering, remote sensing and GPS.
  • MSc in Geophysics

    Studying Earth's dynamic, seismic and magnetic processes with maths, physics and computers.
  • MSc in Geobiology and Paleobiology

    The Master's program is based on interdisciplinary, research-oriented courses in geo- and biosciences that address patterns and processes of the evolution of life and its habitats on our planet.
  • MSc in GeoThermie/GeoEnergie

    Joint degree program between Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and TU München. This interdisciplinary German language program focuses on various geological, technical, management and legal aspects of geothermal energy.

Doctorate degree

The doctorate degree conferred in the Earth Sciences in Germany is a "Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer.nat.)" (LMU & TUM) or "Doktor-Ingenieur (Dr.-Ing.)" (TUM only), as opposed to the internationally familiar "Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)". The degree itself can be taken in any of the subdisciplines offered at LMU or TUM. Funding is available from the German Research Foundation and special programs, e.g. the International Graduate School "THESIS" of the Elite Network of Bavaria.

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