Geophysics welcomes Dario Bilardello

The Geophysics section welcomes Dario Bilardello as new PostDoc in the Magnetism group.

Recently Dario Bilardello started his work as PostDoc in the magnetism group of the Geophysics section. Dr. Bilardello got his Ph.D. from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. studying paleo- and rock-magnetism under the direction of Prof. Ken Kodama, working on the dissertation: A New Technique for Measuring the Magnetic Fabric of Hematite-Bearing Sedimentary Rocks, hf-AIR: Inclination Correction Case Studies of Carboniferous red beds from the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

As a PostDoc Dr. Bilardello will work on a project aimed at better understanding how sediments acquire a magnetic remanence. The project is a collaboration between LMU and Charles University, Czech Republic. Specific goal of the project is to understand the development of inclination errors in the remanent magnetization of particles falling through a stagnant water column.